@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with @gabestrapper

By on March 5, 2019

1) It’s been a while since your last interview. What have Ahmed been up to lately?

Ahmed: Taking care things bigger than music and I now have a son so raising him is main priority and had to make sure he’s well taken care of 1st.

 2) It’s been a couple of years since your last project. Do you think the music scene have changed since your last project?

Ahmed: I think it has gotten better as far as the outlet for getting your music out but the grade,originality and actual skill set and reality of music is so trash it’s crazy nothing real matters right now least not to the mainstream or the majority so to speak,

 3) T.B.M was once a powerful movement in the 229. Are you still pushing the T.B.M label, and who’s still signed to the label?

Ahmed: Yes it was all those are my brothers for life period but I have a new label “All In Entertainment” but TBM still me always will be and I’m always open to looking for other artist especially younger to work with just haven’t ran across 1 yet.

4) Your last interview got a lot of backlash because one of the comments that you made. How do you feel about the talent in 229 today?

Ahmed: Oh Did it? NOBODY said anything to me personally lol I mean I’ve ALWAYS felt the 229 have some talent but my thing is though my city or not it’s the same issue with the rap game, majority of people aren’t authentic, not really that nice if you’re highly intelligent or they’re a copy of what the game already have and that’s not real either copying another artist even if you are a fan real ppl create not mock another artist , I’ve never dissed nobody because if I have a issue with ANYBODY I’d tell that man and handle it like that face to face I’m built solid in out through and through period and I’m not going to apologize because I tell the truth and whoever offended that’s not dissing that’s not my problem and idc how they feel tbh but hit dogs will holler so they offended because they know they not real with their selves that’s real and I stand on EVERYTHING I say period and the whole city already know this 1st hand.

5) Tell us about your new project Answered Prayers. Where do the project title come from?

Ahmed: These past 2 yrs I was going through a lot in my real life that made me put my music on hold because it was important but I’m a soldier I took all that and eternalize it made it my strength and my son was the icing on the cake he was the answer to a lot things I overcame and I represent the true soldiers str8 warriors survivors so that’s where I got the title.

6) The new single from your new album entitled Show Out, what’s the concept behind the your new single?

 Ahmed: The beat just spoke to me literally and the hook came 1st it was vibing and I felt it wrote it in 5 mins and it came out great, it’s 1 of those records that describe me and how I feel about me but for the people also who feel good about whatever they have going on or about to do I’m basically saying do it right or don’t at all which is how I was raised to be.

7) Do you still feel like your GA Best Rapper?

Ahmed: Let me explain that so I’ll never have to speak on it again I reside in GA and from here so that’s the Ga Part I honestly feel I’m the best period in this game but I’m in Ga so I put it on the front of it so it’ll be me mine and I ALWAYS felt I was the best since day 1 going back over 10 yrs ago period it was never about my city far as that go because I been knew I was the best here and put in the work to do so, other than the legends in GA, the Outkast, T.I., Goodie Mob, Camouflage etc…, and few more reality wise lyrical content meaning no lies plus lyrically bars and metaphors along with it together? NOBODY in GA better than me idc who or where they from and I stand on that because either my flow better or I’m more solid or more original 1 of those 3 that’s why I’m GA Best Rapper.

8) Are there any mainstream artist that you want to work with, if so who would you work with, and why?

Ahmed: I’m raised on morals and principles anyone that’s true as a human being and their character is authentic I’ll work with them,I’m not a talent person ppl can have talent but if you’re not real I don’t want none to do with you I was solid before I came I’ll remain the same now that I’m here no amount of money or fame gone change that either you a 💯 or I’m not rocking with you period idc how good you rap I’m a man 1st.

9) What can we expect from Ahmed in 2019?

Ahmed: 2019 the album”Answered Prayers” out now Summer 19 I’m dropping another mixtape called “Foot On They Neck” and until I’m gone expect the entire world to finally give me my due the same as my hood been  and my city have for so long my foot on the game neck full throttle I’m not slowing down and anything anybody in my way getting rolled over however see fit I worked too hard and overcame way too much pain, stayed true and loss my entire family I done came to far to let anything stop me now.

10) The R Report Magazine would like to think you for taking time out your busy schedule to conduct this interview. Are there any last comments that you would like to make?

Ahmed: God bless the world and everybody in it peace and love to everybody and be a blessing to somebody and blessings to us all💯