@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview With @DAKOTA_UNIQUE

By on September 28, 2017
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Millions of people watched her on the VH1 new hit TV show Signed with Rick Ross, The Dream, and Lenny. The show had artists from different cities, and states showcasing their talent for the opportunity to get signed to one of the moguls label. Rather it was MMG, Radio Killa, or Roc Nation. It was an opportunity that every artist want. And a lot of fans that tuned in to the show wanted this female emcee to be one of the last artists standing. Dakota Unique was one of the artist that was competing for that opportunity. I had the chance to interview the East Chicago Indiana female emcee, to asked her about her experience on the show, and her plans for the future. Check out Dakota Unique’s interview below.

Q: What made you want to become a rapper?

Dakota Unique: I became a rapper when I heard Chief Keef, and the drill music. I’m from Indiana, I want to be the first to do it where I’m from.


Q: Where did you get your inspiration, and motivation from?

Dakota Unique: I get that from my mom, and brother. My brother have autism, and he loves music, so that’s where I get my drive from.


Q: You was on VH1’s new hit show Signed. What is the experience like being around hip hop moguls Rick Ross, The Dream, and Lenny S?

Dakota Unique: It was amazing! I learned a lot, even from the cast. I learn a lot being around everyone, the cast, everybody. I used it as an artist development.


Q: So if you could work with any mainstream artist who would be, and why?

Dakota Unique: It gotta be Gucci Mane, because he goes hard. He talk about real life shit, and then Young Thug, I like his melody. As far as females, I like Nicki character, and I like Cardi B. But me, and Gucci on a track will be hard as hell.


Q: Tell us about your new video to your single 100?

Dakota Unique: I wrote that song after I went home.  You wouldn’t hear that from a 19 year old girl talking about real life shit.


Q: So what can we expect next from Dakota Unique?

Dakota Unique: A whole lot of music, a lot of videos. I ain’t leaving, I’m staying in the game. You gone see my face a lot.


Q: Thank you for letting The R Report Magazine conduct this interview with you, it was truly a honor. Are there any last comments that you would like to make?

Dakota Unique: Shout out to The R Report Magazine for reaching out to me. Again you gonna see my face everywhere all over the internet.