@TheRReport1 December Indie Spotlight: @hitclasskrad

By on December 1, 2017


Macon, Georgia bred singer, writer, and producer, Deonta (Krad) Gibson is about ready to show the world who the powerhouse behind tracks for entertainment’s biggest artists including Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, and Huey, not to mention commercial business’ such as Adidas, really is. Mostly known for his production work, Krad has released two singles, “What I’m Doin” and “Ego,” both of which are his first single(s) as a solo artist.

His first single, “What I’m Doin” featuring rapper Fooly, is a flirty track that finds the singer in the club as he spots a girl who he could potentially take home and show her his skills in the bedroom.

“I love it when you put your hands all over me/When we leave here, what’s it gone be/In the bedroom I’m an OG/I know what I’m doin’.”

“Ego” is a slower ballad that essentially ‘strokes’ his confidence in his bedroom game. The singer is persistent that he shows his girl exactly what she’s missing out on.
“Can’t nobody love you/ Can’t nobody touch you/ Can’t nobody sex you/ And tonight I’m gonna prove it girl/My love is the truest girl/You say it’s my ego.”
The dual-single(s) will be featured on his forthcoming Finally EP.
About Krad:
Singer, songwriter, and producer Deonta (Krad) Gibson began singing at a very young age. The artist was inspired by his father who was a keyboardist for a corporate band and began singing in church and at local talent events. At the age of 14, Krad was introduced to the world of Hip-Hop/R&B. Having produced tracks for the likes of Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Huey, and Adidas, the artist has miles in the entertainment industry and is well respected. He serves as ½ of the R&B duo group “Krad & Frankie” and in 2014, the men started a music production company (Hitclass Music). His most recent production works include “Stronger” for UK artist Katy Shotter, “Another Planet” for Huey & Lil Wayne, “Ready Go” for Playboi Tre & Lil Jon, Adidas Sneaker Store Ad with Derek Rose & Dwight Howard, “Right Now” for 300 Entertainment artist Looni featuring Young Dro, and “For Me” for Stuey Rock.