Rick Ross Tells Birdman To Pay Lil Wayne His Money

By on October 12, 2017
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1 bawse


Rick Ross is NOT here for Birdman’s recent rant and threats to those worried about his legal feud and beef with Lil Wayne.

One person who was offended by Birdman’s comments was Ross, as he’s been very vocal about how he feels about Birdman’s alleged treatment towards both DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne.

Birdman warned that anyone who had spoken about the situation can get their azzes torn up for not minding their own business!

“I be hearing all of you n-ggas talking about this Lil Wayne sh-t. Lil Wayne this, Lil Wayne that. B-tch Lil Wayne my son. I raised him. He ain’t have nothing, I brought him to be something and got something. B-tch you think I ain’t gonna make sure he straight? Suck a n-gga dick b-tch. I’ma show all you lil pussy a-ss n-ggas that ever got in my business f-ck you n-gga I’ma show you don’t play with me n-gga. I’m what you call a f-cking real mastermind. You lil bitty b-tch. And if you cross my line, you already know, I ain’t even gotta tell ya. You know what type of n-gga I am and how I live. F-ck you n-gga. Tear your ass up playing with me and mine,” said Birdman.

Rick Ross replied by saying,

“Boy you a year late and five years late paying that man his money. Pay that man his money. We know you ain’t right. Stop with the jokes n-gga. Bring that sh-t. Bring it!”

Well we just hope that this beef can stay relatively calm, and that no senseless violence takes place.