@Nas Speaks on Why He No Longer Listen to “Ether” or Jay-Z “TakeOver”

By on October 3, 2014

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According to Power 105.1 radio host Angie Martinez, Nas appeared a little reluctant when a fan requested that she play his “Ether” record during a recent radio show. When asked about his reluctance towards hearing the song, Nas revealed that the song is “old” and “another chapter” in his life.

Released in 2001, “Ether” was a diss record aimed at Jay Z during his feud with Nas and also served as a response to Jay’s “Takeover,” which took aim at Nas and Mobb Deep. While speaking with Angie Martinez this week, Nas shared that his relationship with the Brooklyn, New York rapper is “too good” for him to revisit “Ether” or “Takeover.”

“It’s just old…I mean, I don’t feel anything from it,” Nas said. “I just—It’s old. It’s so old. It’s another chapter. It’s old. Classic for sure. History even. I haven’t heard that thing in [awhile]. I don’t listen to that. That or the other thing…He knows that. I told him ‘I can’t listen to this.’ I mean, it’s great. It’s great times, but that was then…But that’s my dog. So, that was a different time. That’s my dog. It’s too good right now. Everything is right…History is history. Can’t change history. It is what it is, but it’s love.”