Kodak Black Got a Few Florida Artists Mad with His Comment ” I’m the Face of Florida Music “

By on January 9, 2018


 It appears hat Kodak Black is making more enemies then friends. The mumble rapper made sure to start off the new year by ruffling a few Floridian feathers by making the very BOLD statement on his Instagram Live that all Florida rappers are…trash, so to speak.

He claimed that no one repped the state harder than him and also prophesized that no one would check him.

Some would agree that his statement is rather ironic, considering he’s barely in the lyrical Top 5 conversation to begin with. But, nevertheless, Kodak emphasized his statements and inspired some heavy critique from a few Florida emcees that are apparently ready for war.

One in particular, by the name of Koly P, has released a diss record by the name of “Here It Really Is”, which he claims isn’t a diss record at all but more so a “fact”.

On the record, he insinuates that beef is a “contact sport”, and makes a few choice statements about where his diss could lead to.

After Kodak crowned himself the face of Florida, he’s received much backlash from those who hail from his state. Some would agree that it’s unwise to set yourself completely against your adversaries, unless you have the backing and manpower to keep you protected. This is definitely a Kodak moment.